Review: “The Universe in Your Hand” by Christopher Galfard

ANNA VANSEVEREN | ENTERTAINMENT COLUMNIST Christophe Galfard’s motive for writing this book was to spread scientific ideas to the general public in ways that are easy to understand and entertaining. “The Universe in Your Hand” takes readers on a very real journey through space and time, discussing topics such as black holes, parallel universes, string… Read More Review: “The Universe in Your Hand” by Christopher Galfard

Book Review: “Siddhartha” by Hermann Hesse

ANNA VANSEVEREN | ENTERTAINMENT COLUMNIST In Herman Hesse’s novel originally published in 1922, Siddhartha, a wealthy Indian Brahmin, searches for true spiritual meaning. Along with his friend, Govinda, Siddhartha leaves home to live the life of a shramana. He becomes homeless, meditates intensely and renounces all possessions. Eventually, he gets a chance to seek out… Read More Book Review: “Siddhartha” by Hermann Hesse