Gray World

DAVID YANDA | OPINION COLUMNIST They say college is where you find yourself. Well, through my life there have been two noteworthy transformations of self. The first let’s call “Intuitive Mimicry,” and the second “Skeptical Suspension.” The first transformation took place throughout high school, peaked in early college, and was primed by the innumerable conflicts… Read More Gray World

Self-Invalidation: Setting the Record Straight

DAVID YANDA | OPINION COLUMNIST Emotional invalidation: an infamous and infuriating junction between the misunderstood and judgmental where identity-erosion inadvertently emerges as an aversive guest. Although often immediately received as scornful and uncompassionate, invalidation, when executed properly, compensates for its irritable nature with fruits of selflessness and maturity. Obnoxious as it is unreasonable, rejecting an… Read More Self-Invalidation: Setting the Record Straight

The Misguided Mourning of Celebrity Deaths

DAVID YANDA | OPINION COLUMNIST The mourning of the recently deceased superstars Alan Rickman and David Bowie had rendered my social media feed temporarily mutilated, littered with fictitious lacerations bleeding inauthentic dismay. The majority of posts and tweets lamenting Bowie’s or Rickman’s death came from individuals who had never met the deceased celebrities; they only… Read More The Misguided Mourning of Celebrity Deaths