Burnout: A Forgotten Affliction

ERIKA DITZMAN | OPINION COLUMNIST Often characterized as a period of rejuvenation for committed students, summer vacation today offers little relief from the demanding education system we subject ourselves to. Instead of experiencing “fun in the sun,” the majority of us are forced to comply with the societal standards for monetary gain, working to afford… Read More Burnout: A Forgotten Affliction

Trade Wars

ERIKA DITZMAN | OPNION COLUMNIST Dropping 572 points on April 6, the stock market clearly demonstrated the potentially devastating effects that President Trump’s trade war with China will have on the United States. Defined as a “situation in which countries try to damage each other’s trade,” Trump’s assault threatens more than $100 billion in Chinese… Read More Trade Wars


ERIKA DITZMAN | OPINION COLUMNIST Censorship is defined by the American Civil Liberties Union as “the suppression of words, images or ideas that are are offensive,” happening “whenever some people succeed in imposing their personal, political or moral values on others.” Occurring on a variety of different levels, from the government and booming corporations to… Read More Censorship

Trumping Science

ERIKA DITZMAN | OPNION COLUMNIST Titled as a “War on Science” by The New York Times, Donald Trump has taken what Scientific American views as a “hostile stance toward the scientific community.” With drastic budget cuts to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), eliminating over 50 programs, and the president’s denial of Global Warming, withdrawing the… Read More Trumping Science